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Here you may find all the information about new items we will put monthly in our catalog, as well as products which will not be available any more from us.The specification of most discontinued products are available, for your reference only, in the discontinued products data bank section.

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January 2014
STC-C631Industrial camerasSTC-C631 with micro lens1/3" extremely small board camera (26 x 26mm)
Discontinued products


January 2014
MGTLLenses for machine visionTelecentric lenses for 5 Megapixel camerasTelecentric lenses for 5 Megapixel cameras for ultra high accuracy inspection. 0.23x, 0.3x, 0.345x, 0.4x, 0.5x, 0.69x, 1.0x magnification  for  1.1" e 2/3"
Discontinued products
ECT-PROTransmission and control devices Vehicle transmission system with DVRCompact and lightweight mobilevideo broadcasting and recording unit with H.264 DVR,  remote software and audio 4, 8 16, 20, 24 channels models.
ECT-NETECT Pro L series up to 4 input channelsiCompact and lightweight mobilevideo broadcasting and recording unit with H.264 DVR,  available in multiple configuration to support from 4 up to 64 video channels on a single server.
ECT-VM4 channel video transmitter4 channel network digital video server especially designed for distributed remote surveillance. Uses the embedded Linux operating system combined with embedded Media Control Unit (MCU) which is completely stand alone and independent and can be located anywhere. MPEG4 and H.264 versions.


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