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bulletAllows control of 2 video cameras on a single monitor.
bulletCan be used with most camera types in many different configurations.
bulletAllows fully boxed inserts of one video camera displays into another.
bulletThe A/B splits button allows the picture from either camera to be displayed full screen as well as to be inserted.
bulletPosition, side and contrast of the inserted picture are adjustable.
bulletThe 2 cameras must be syncronized. The composite video output signal from camera A is used to drive camera B which must have external sync input (gen-lock).
Power consumption

150 mA

Input impedance

75 ohm

Output impedance

75 ohm

Video crosstalk

typical  40dB at 3.58 Mhz

Sync output impedance

75 ohm

Sync output

Horizontal and vertical drive 

Operating temperature-5° to +60° C
Dimensions (L x H x D)218mm x 44mm x 200mm
HousingSteel, with black baked enamel finish



Q4BWZ - 4 input b/w  quad with zoom function
connections diagram

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bulletBlack/white high resolution quad, with real-time refresh rate
bulletOn screen display menu, for easy setup operation
bulletIncludes an auto sequential switching function with programmable switching time (0 to 99 sec)
bulletZoom function during VCR playback
bulletAuto video loss detection and alarm indication with two different alarm sounds
bulletBuilt-in time/date generator and 8-character camera title
bulletFour looping camera outputs are provided for use with other accessories 
bulletAutomatically records the alarm and video loss channel with time and date
bulletRS-232 remote control capability
bulletAdjustable gain controls for each camera input
bulletSecurity lock
Camera inputs

4 BNC video composite 1Vp-p 75 ohm

Video output

1 BNC  video composite 1Vp-p 75 ohm

Quad output

1 BNC  video composite 1Vp-p 75 ohm

Looping camera output

4 BNC  video composite 1Vp-p 75 ohm

Digital memory

1024 x 512 pixels, 256 gray scale

Display rate

Real time refresh rate

Alarm inputs

4 input  (TTL), D-sub 25 pin female connector

Alarm output

Normally open or closed (relay output) contacts with shared common (24V DC, 1A)
D-sub 25 pin female connector

Recovery input

1 input (TTL active low)  D-sub 25 pin female connector

Display rate

Real time refresh rate

RS-232 interface

D-sub 25 pin female connector

Power supply

12Vdc  1.0A

Power consumptionMax. 9W
Dimensions (W x H x D)430mm x 50mm x 248mm
Weight2.1 Kg

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