Technical notes
 Cameras with OSD (on screen display)

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Key features

Main menu
bulletCamera setup can be easily programmed by using display menu and stored into memory; the default setup parameters can be retrieved at any time. A demo function allows the sequential scanning of all parameters in the menu, showing thus the effect of every setup value. 

Character generator
bulletAny camera can be identified by an ID, up to 20 characters. The ID can be put at any place in the screen and its brightness and contrast can be adjusted.

Artificial exposure system
bulletThe CCD electronic iris and the auto iris function are digitally controlled by a control circuit inside the digital processor. The incoming light is optimized both by electronic shutter and auto iris functions.  Shutter speed can be set at the desired value and allows a clear image of moving objects.

Backlight compensation
bulletA smart backlight control system by histograms and by weighted windows, can be controlled by a setup menu. The weight of the 4 windows from 0 to 3 can be set indipendentIy, The center window is fixed at its maximum value.

Detect window adjustment
bulletSize and position of windows can be selected, and their weight and compensation level can be set.

White balance 
bulletThe camera is equippped with 8 different modes of white balance controls. These controls include an advanced ATW (auto tracing mode, which simulates the cromatic correction of human eye) and several preset modes. The temperature range varies between 2000K and 18000K.

Gamma correction
bulletThe gamma correction can be set separately for chrominance and luminance components,
Picture control
bulletValues of chroma, hue, brightness, ,aperture correction and colour suppress level can be set digitally.
Pattern generator
bulletAn internal colour pattern generator allows camera checking or a simple monitor calibration.

Remote control communication capability
bulletAll OSD type cameras have a RS-232 communication port for connecting camera either to a PC or to a remote control keypad. The RS-232 can be easily converted to an RS-485 communication type  for multi-camera systems. A virtual keypad software is provided with each camera.

Remote control communication capability

Reference products


Security cameras

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