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Liquid cooling

By forcing water circulation (or a cooling liquid or compressed air) inside the cilindric shaped interspace that divide the outer tubolar surface from the inner one , it is possible to maintain cooled the housing internal room.

It is convenient to verify which are the available features of flow capacity and cooling liquid temperature before proceeding with the installation. It is possible to realize a closed cooling circuit, namely with ri-cicling and cooling of the liquid , or an open circuit, with water to looose.



bulletSturdy construction entirely made of AISI316L stainless steel developed for industrial applications.
bulletResistant to extremely high temperatures: housing suitable up to 130 with standard tempered glass or up to more than 400 with Vycor glass >(optional).
bulletCan be equipped with air barrier flange to clean the glass window where water cannot be used.
bulletAdaptors available for any kind of installation: wall, ceiling, pole and corner mount adapters.
bulletIR filters available.

Liquid cooled stainless steel housing

Costructionstainless steelAISI 316L
Cable entry

2 metal cable glands M16x1.5


standard 5mm tempered glass for environmental temperature up to 130
(max glass temperature 130 for continuous operation, 150 for peak operation)

Vycor 6mm glass for temperature up to 400C
(max glass temperature 900 for continuous operation, 1200 for peak operation)

Protection index IP68, 10m
index of protection table
Heater thermostat

On: 15C 5C
Off: 22C
> 4C

Heater PTCHT230: 100-240V ~ 40W
HT12-24: 12-24V ~ 20W
Temperature range with heater

-20 to 50C

Environment temperature Water flow

Housing internal temperature

Camera power supply unitVin: 230V~50Hz, Vout: 12Vdc 400mA
 Vin: 230V~50Hz, Vout: 24Vac 400mA
Dimensionsuseful area: 85mm x 85mm
useful length: 342mm
Weight11.9 Kg (without accessories)
Construction drawing

Dimensional drawing for liquid cooled stainless steel housing with bracket   Dimensional drawing

Optional accessories
bulletheater with thermostat
bulletcamera height adjustment kit
bulletcamera power supply
bulletair barrier flange (requires an air filter group)
bulletwall bracket with swivel
bulletair filter group (for flange)
bulletinfrared filter holder
bulletinfrared filter
bulletVycor glass for high temperatures
bulletpole mount adapter
bulletcorner mount adapter
bulletceiling adapter



Bracket for stainless steel housing

bulletHeavy duty bracket with joint.
bulletMade of AISI 316 thick gauge stainless steel.
bulletIt can be completed with pole and corner mount adaptors.


Flange for glass cleaning

bulletFlange for glass cleaning.
bulletCreates an air barrier on the glass front of the housing in order to prevent the deposit of dust on the outer surface of the glass by keeping it ventilated.

On the internal side of the flange there are thin holes that concentrate the flow of compressed air as a vortex.


For proper use it is necessary to check what is the environment temperature value and place the air filter group at the correct distance from the heat source.


Filtering group for cooled housings

bulletFiltering group for air flow regulation and filtering from contaminating agents such as water, oil and solid particles.
bulletMade up of one regulator filter which, besides regulating the maximum working pressure, filters particles of 5 m and a second filter which filters of 0.01 m.
bulletThe regulator filter separates the air from impurities, both solid and liquid and regulates the pressure to the desired value which obviously cannot be higher than line pressure. The airflow has to follow the direction of the arrow indicated on the body.
bulletThe filter separates the air from its impurities, both liquid and solid.
Connectioninput: G1/4
output: G1/4
Type of connection thread on the body
Weight0.443 (R) + 0.342 (F) Kg


vertical in-linea or wall mounted
Operating temperature0C to 50C at 10 bar
Void fraction of filter element5m (R); 0.01m (F)
Condensate removalmanual/semi-automatic
IN pressure0.3 16 bar

Dimensions (W x H x D)

190.5 x 90 x 45mm


Reference technical notes

bulletProtection index table

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