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Explosionproof housings

To be installed in zone where the forming of potentially, explosive athmosphere is possible due to the presence of group IIB-IIC gasses, fumes, smokes and powders even mixed among them.

It can be installed in hazardous locations, indoor or outdoor, classified 1-21, 2-22 in which the environment temperature has to be included between -20C and +50C or between -50C and +50C.

The anodic oxidation treatment assures an extremely high resistance against corrosion from atmospheres agents, salty fog or polluting elements of the air.



Explosionproof housing - front view     

bulletDifferent versions available to satisfy the different specs required by different hazardous environment.
bulletEasy on-site installation.
bulletFor digital and analog cameras and for video siignal on coax or on twisted pair cables.
bulletConstructed of extruded and anodized anticorodal aluminium for sites with potentially explosive atmosphere where electrical contructions of Group II category 2 are foreseen.
bulletOn request, it can be constructed of bronze B14 or stainless steel and in this case it can be used on firedamping mines, where electrical contructions of Group I, category M2 are foreseen.
bulletSpecial version abvailable with germanium filter and protection grid for thermal cameras.
bulletOn the back side two 1/2" or  3/4" cable glands allow to feed the devices inside the housing in high or low voltage.
bulletOnrequest , cable glands of different brands and different kind can be provided.
bulletDepending on the zone where the housing is to be installed, there will be used cable glands with seal rubber (suitable for zones with Group IIB gases) or barrier cable glands with connection cables sealed (suitable for zones with Group IIC gases). All this conforming to the present electrical plants regulations.
bulletPower supply adaptor in 3 working voltages: 230V/12dc 230V/24V, 115V/24V.
bulletProvided with a heating system with one or three PTC to avoid condensation on the glass. These are driven by a thermostat positioned on the circuit board which allows the electrical connection of all feeded elements with the main voltage.
bulletRoHS compliant.
Constructionanticorodal alumium
Cable glands

2 cable glands 1/4" or 3/4"
on request available different brand and  model of cable glands

Protection index IP66 and IP67
protection grade table
ATEX markingII 2GD Ex d I/IIB/IIC T6 Ex tD A21 IP 66/67 T85C
I M2 Ex d I (model with Germanium filter excluded)

IECEX marking

Ex d IIC T6  or Ex d IIB T6
Ex tD A21 IP66 T85C or Ex tD A21 IP67 T85C
Ex d I (model with Germanium filter excluded)

Rating plate marking

laser incision
ThermostatTon 15C 5C
Toff 22C 4C
Heatersingle with thermostat for temperature from -20C to + 50C
(12-24Vac/Vdc o 100-240Vac)
triple with thermostat for temperatures from -50C to +50C
(12-24Vac/Vdc or 100-240Vac)
Camera power supplyVin: 230V~50Hz, Vout: 12Vcc 400mA
 Vin: 230V~50Hz, Vout: 24Vca 400mA
Power absorbedtotal power absorbed by video surveillance equipment installed in the explosionproof camera housing must not exceed 20W

if the housing includes any factory installed power supply unit inside, the  video surveillance equipment installed by user must not exceed 10W

Internal useful volume
(W x H x L)
standard housing with heater: 110 x 84 x 220 mm
long housing with heater: 110 x 84 x 270mm
standard housing with triple heater: 110 x 84 x 200mm
log housing with triple heater: 110 x 84 x 250mm
External dimensions

without sunshield:
190mm (dia) x 380mm
190mm (dia) x 430mm

with sunshield:
208mm (dia) x 450mm
208mm (dia) x 500mm

Housing weight11.00 Kg
Bracket weight2.90 Kg
Dimensional drawing

   Dimensional drawing

bulletfront glass protection grid
bulletbracket with swivel for wall or ceiling

Special versions

bullethousing with gemanium filter
bullethousing for mines


CodeII 2GD Ex d IIB T6 EX tD A21 IP66 T85C
with cable glands for  gas group IIA (propane) and IIB (ethylene)
II 2GD Ex d IIC T6 EX tD A21 IP66 T85C
with cable glands for  gas group IIC (acetylene, hydrogen)
I M2 Ex d I
for mines (grisou)
only made of  AISI 316L stainless steel or B14 bronze
Cable glands size 1/2" or  3/4" on demand

 -20C/+50C with single heater HT

 -50C/+50C with triple heater HTTT only

IP rategermanium window grid
CHEP IIByes  yesyes IP66/67  
CHEP IIB G   yesyes IP66/67yesyes


 yes yesyes IP66/67  


 yes yesyes IP66/67yesyes


yesyes yes yesIP66/67




 yes yes yesIP66/67n.a.n.a.
CHEP M  yesyesyes IP66/67  
CHEP M G  yesyesyes IP66/67yesyes


  yesyes yesIP66/67



Cable glands

Cable glands for Ex d IIB applications are equippped with seal rubber and are suitable for armoured and not armoured cables and for temperature range between -20 and 50C

In order to comply with the European regulation for the intrinsecally explosive environments, cable glands for Ex Id IIC must be of barrier type with connection cables sealed; the supplied ones are suitable for armoured and not armoured cables and for temperature range  between -20and 50 C



Bracket for stainless steel housing

bulletHeavy duty bracket with joint.
bulletMade of AISI 316 thick gauge stainless steel.
bulletIt can be completed with pole and corner mount adaptors.
Other accessoriesHeater with termostat *
Triple heater with termostat *
Power supply *
Camera adjusting height kit
Stainless steel AISI 3
16L sunshield
Frontal glass protection grid *
(* = accessori available only factory installed)
Related productsStainless steel corner adaptor
Stailess steel ceiling adaptor


Reference technical notes

bulletProtection index table

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